100 Contextual Backlinks + Powerful Tier 2 With Human Readable Content And Drip feed Approved

  • 100 Contextual Backlinks + Powerful Tier 2! With Human Readable Content And Drip feed! (Approved)


How are the links deployed?

Your backlinks will use your chosen keyword as anchor text and then it will be placed within the unique content on the homepage of our sites. Every site has totally unique content and will pass copyscape. New customers links are deployed slowly across the network at intervals throughout the month to look as organic as possible.

How many links can I have?

Each client will receive one link across our network per package ordered.

Who can’t order?

We don’t allow illegal sites (pirated software/music/movies, etc) on any of our networks.

How many keywords can I go after?

1 URL / 3 Keywords per package ordered. We do allow clients to change their keywords but we ask that they wait at least 45 days after the initial order.

Do you build links to your networks?

Yes. We are constantly adding backlinks to our sites from high authority sites that will provide more link juice for our clients.

Is there a limit to the amount of people that can join?

Yes. This is a limited offer.

Are you expanding your network?

We are constantly expanding our network and will be adding new sites all the time. We will only have page rank 3 and above sites on our network. Ever.

Do you disclose the domains of your networks?

We try to keep our networks confidential for the obvious reasons. If you don’t know what a homepage backlink is then this service isn’t for you. But we do understand that people want to see where their links are. You will be able to view your incoming links with SEO SpyGlass within 3-6 days after your order.

Do you offer refunds?

If you don?t see search engine movement within 30 days of your order we guarantee a full refund.

– Order 3 Package Get 1 Package Free
– Order 4 Package Get 2 Package Free
– Order 6 Package Get 3 Package Free
– Order 8 Package Get 4 Package Free

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